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10 Girly Films

Sometimes, there are days when you just need to sit with a blanket and a girly film. These films take me back to being 15/16, having sleepovers with my friends, going to the shop in our pyjamas to get snacks and just generally living a stress-free life! As a now-27-year-old, I don't have many sleepovers and definitely feel old watching films about girls in high school, but these films are just classic, feel-good films and the perfect pick-me-ups.

So today, I thought I'd share just 10 of my favourite, easy-watch, girly films:


This film made me love Emma Stone. What an amazing woman she is! If you haven't seen it, a girl called Olive lies about what she did at the weekend to get out of hanging out with her best friend's weird hippie parents, which causes rumours and lies about her to spread throughout school. Instead of denying the rumours, she enjoys her new-found popularity and embraces it by wearing a red A on her clothes like the character in her class novel, The Scarlet Letter. Slightly problematic if you really look into it and analyse the storyline, but still a great chick flick. Bet you can't watch this without having 'Pocketful Of Sunshine' stuck in your head for at least the next 3 days.


"What, like it's hard?" This one is about a pink-loving, sorority girl called Elle Woods whose boyfriend breaks up with her because he thinks she's not smart enough for him. To prove him wrong, she enrols at Harvard Law School. I love the message of this film so much. If someone tells you that you can't do something, prove them wrong! Also, there is no such thing as too much pink.


I couldn't write a list of girly films without mentioning Mean Girls; the ultimate girly film. I've actually lost count of how many times I've seen this film! If you haven't seen this one, where have you been?


That white ball gown, pink Converse, roller skates, flip phone, Chad Michael Murray - such a classic. It's basically a modern Cinderella story - it's about a girl called Sam who has to work at a diner under the watch of her evil stepmother. I remember watching the scene where they're dancing outside at the school dance to 'I'll Be' by Edwin McCain for the first time and wanting my wedding to be like that. Maybe one day!


I keep seeing/hearing the songs from this film all over TikTok and I'm glad it's having its moment! This is such an underrated girly film and the music is brilliant. I always liked Meredith though, even though you're not supposed to!


I've seen this film at least 50 times. Ryan Reynolds is beaut! It's not a Christmas film but, because it's set around Christmas time, it always makes me feel all cosy and ready for winter. Anna Faris is also in this one! If you haven't seen it, it's the story of two best friends from high school (where one friend had a massive crush on the other) who meet again as adults. Classic rom com!


Great film! Such an easy watch. This one's about a group of girls who plan to break the heart of John Tucker, a basketball player who has been secretly dating all three of them at the same time.


I loved this film when I was younger! On the last day of 8th grade, a group of friends have a sleepover the same night as a group of popular girls. They challenge them to a scavenger hunt, where the winners will get to sit at the 'cool table' in high school and the losers will sit by the bins. Classic girly sleepover film!


Oh my god, this film made me DESPERATE to sprout a tail and become a mermaid! Basically, if you haven't seen it, it's about two best friends who meet a mermaid called Aquamarine, who can change her tail into legs during the day as long as she doesn't get wet. Aquamarine has to find true love in order to stop her arranged marriage, and in return, she will grant the girls a wish. This film stars a young JoJo (as in, Leave Get Out JoJo!) and Emma Roberts.


Mark Ruffalo. Enough said. I made B watch this film recently and he didn't love it, which upset me! A woman gets into a car accident on her way home from work and ends up in a coma, which creates a ghost-like figure of her. She doesn't realise this has happened and tries to carry on with her life until she meets Mark Ruffalo's character, who is the only person who can see her.

What's your favourite girly film? Are there any on here that you haven't seen?

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