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A Letter To My Baby

This is a very personal post for me to share on here. I actually hand-wrote this to put in a scrapbook I'm making for baby girl, but I decided to share it on my blog as a little memory of these moments. I've decided that I'm going to (try to!) write little letters to her at random points in her life, and then give the scrapbook to her when she turns 18.

I mean, that's what I'll do in an ideal world, but we all know I can be the world's biggest procrastinator!

Dear Baby,

I’ve actually been meaning to write this letter for a while, but as I’m sure you’ll find out soon, I am terrible at procrastinating and then forgetting about things!

I am currently 33 weeks pregnant with you, and at the time of writing this you are happily kicking away at my ribs (thanks for that!) I don’t mind too much though, as I know you’re safe and happy in there. This week, according to my pregnancy app, you’re the size of a pineapple!

Your daddy and I are SO excited to meet you (as is the rest of your family!) and we constantly talk about you. Who you will look like, what you will be like, how much you’ll let us sleep… all of the important stuff!

We’ve not long finished your nursery, not that you’ll be sleeping in there for a while yet! Your Auntie Megan really wants you to know that she built your chest of drawers, so make sure you thank her when you’re old enough to talk.

From day 1, I always dreamed that you’d be a girl, but Daddy said that you would be a boy. When we found out you were a girl, Daddy pretended that he’d said that all along! Just so you know - he hates being wrong. We’d always talked about having a baby girl, so you are an absolute dream come true. I hope you know that you’re in for a lifetime of matching your mum! I also hope that you like pink, Disney and polka dots like me.

We’ve decided on your name, although we haven’t told anyone and want to wait until we meet you to be 100% sure! Your daddy keeps calling you by name when he talks to you, so he’s definitely certain that that is your name. I already know that he’s going to be so in love with you, and you’ll probably end up being a daddy’s girl with him wrapped around your little finger!

Ever since I was little, I always wanted to be a mum. I would carry around dolls, boss Megan around and dream about the day I would one day have a baby of my own. I won’t lie to you - even now, I’m not sure I’m ready, but I don’t know if you ever feel ready. I’m sure I’ll make lots of mistakes along the way, but we’ll learn and do it together.

I've also just found out I have gestational diabetes, which is really scary and has made me worry a lot, but I've been making all of the necessary changes to try and protect you as much as possible. Giving up chocolate has been really hard, but for you it's 100% worth it!

I can’t wait for all of your firsts - your first smile, first laugh, first word and our first cuddle. I’m also looking forward to teaching you lots of things - how to be a kind human, how to laugh, how to dance, how to sit up/stand/walk, how to love yourself. I’m sure you’ll also teach me lots of things, as at the moment I’ve still never even changed a nappy!

I want you to know how much we already love you and how excited we are to meet you. I apologise in advance if I’m crying the first time we meet! We feel so lucky to have you already, and I promise that we will do everything we can to be the best parents.

We are so ready to meet you (although you still have a little bit of growing to do yet!) and we can’t wait to start the next chapter of our lives with you in our arms. You are already so loved, little one.

Love, Mummy x


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