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Autumn candles

Hi, I'm Jemma and I'm a candle addict! There, I said it.

Now that's out of the way, let's talk Autumn candle scents! I love a good summery, fruity candle, but for some reason it feels wrong lighting candles in the summer. As soon as the nights start getting colder, I'm ALL about the cosy vibes and the gorgeous, warm scented Autumn candles come out!

I am OBSESSED with Bath & Body Works and I still don't understand why they haven't opened a UK store yet! They started selling some of their products in Next recently, but every time I've tried to check the website everything has been out of stock *sob*.

Eventually, I decided to bite the bullet and order from Bath and Body Shop UK after they were recommended to me by quite a few people on Instagram. I was a little skeptical before ordering, but the candles arrived perfectly within 2 days!

The first one I got was VANILLA PUMPKIN MARSHMALLOW, which smells like creamy vanilla, pumpkin spice, marshmallow and caramel!

The second one is a classic - SWEATER WEATHER. With scents of fresh sage, juniper berry and aromatic eucalyptus, it's the perfect scent to fill your home on cold, rainy days.

I definitely need to pick up some more Autumn candles (or find my still-unpacked-box of candles which is somewhere in our new house!) to make our house nice and cosy as the evenings begin to get darker.

Do you love Autumn scented candles? If so, what's your favourite?

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I'm Jemma, a 28 year old Disney-obsessed adult(ish) with a deep love for chocolate, the colour pink and musical theatre. I live in the UK with my fiancé (Ben), our newborn baby girl (Penelope) and our black cat (Nora).

My blog and social media is 'my little corner of the internet', where I share anything and everything that I am passionate about!


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