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I always look forward to the Autumn months. The cold air, the crisp leaves, wrapping up warm, feeling cosy. There's just something about it that makes it a really nice time of year.

As you may/may not know, I absolutely LOVE Pinterest and am always on there pinning ideas for various different things, whether it's blog posts, photography ideas or just photos of different seasons to inspire my content!

So, to celebrate the Autumn months and to get me in the mood to write 31 blog posts this month (🤯), I thought it would be fun to create an Autumn moodboard.

You can find the link to my full Autumn Pinterest board here.

What's your favourite thing about Autumn?

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I'm Jemma, a 28 year old Disney-obsessed adult(ish) with a deep love for chocolate, the colour pink and musical theatre. I live in the UK with my fiancé (Ben), our newborn baby girl (Penelope) and our black cat (Nora).

My blog and social media is 'my little corner of the internet', where I share anything and everything that I am passionate about!


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