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Frozen The Musical - Review

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On Saturday 29th January, for B's birthday, we went to see Frozen the Musical! We booked our tickets through LW Theatres, and there are still some amazing seats available at great prices. The show is currently running till October 2022, so if you've been waiting to book, now's the time!

As a HUGE Disney lover, my expectations were already pretty high. This is actually the first Disney musical I've seen live (we had tickets booked for The Lion King before COVID hit, which have actually been rescheduled 3 times to this October!).

The Theatre Royal Drury Lane, is one of the most beautiful theatres I've ever been in, and it's so close to Covent Garden. We ended up getting a tube there and walking to the theatre. As we went in, there was a gift shop with lots of Frozen merch (any Frozen fan could spend a lot of money and time there!) and also Elsa and Anna's costumes. I didn't get any photos of Anna's costume as there were a few people standing right in front of it, but I had to snap a quick pic of Elsa's gorgeous dress. Look at that detail!

The musical stayed true to the Disney classic, and I loved that they showed the sisters playing together as small children at the beginning (who were honestly INCREDIBLE!) as it really showed their dynamic and how it changed when Elsa accidentally hurt Anna with her powers. The costuming was gorgeous throughout, and there was so much attention to detail. In terms of the staging and set, it was honestly breathtaking at times and there were so many amazing moments! I'm not going to spoil some of those special moments in this post, but there was so many times where I gasped and honestly still have no idea how they created the magic on the stage!

All of the classic songs were there, including For The First Time in Forever and Let It Go. There were also new additions - my favourites being Monster and Hygge!

CREDIT: Johan Persson
CREDIT: Johan Persson

I could gush and write forever about how amazing this show was, but the best way for you to truly understand would be to experience it for yourself! I can honestly, hand-on-heart say that it's one of the best musicals I've ever seen.

Perfect for young children and Disney loving adults alike, Frozen the Musical is definitely not one to miss out on. Again, the link to tickets is here!

Have you seen Frozen the Musical yet, or is it on your bucket list?


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