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Glossybox Unboxing - April 2022


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Another month, another Glossybox unboxing! This month's theme is 'Spring Softness'. A reminder too that, as part of the Glossy Circle, I have an exclusive discount code for you to get £10 off your first box! If you were thinking of signing up for Glossybox, you can use my link here and my code JEMMA for £10 off your first box.

This month's box had a haircare product, which I think is the first haircare product I've had in a Glossybox! The first product I spotted was the Mitchell and Peach Flora No. 1 Body Soufflé (RRP £20), which smells very floral and spring-like with notes of rose, sweet violet and ylang-ylang.

Next up was this This Works Morning Expert Hyaluronic Serum (RRP £18.50 for this 15ml deluxe mini size, £37 for the full size 30ml.) This claims to instantly hydrate and brighten tired-looking skin, strengthening, supporting and providing it with a long-lasting glow too, which I definitely need at the moment! This 'pregnancy glow' thing is definitely a myth 😂

The next product in the box was this Wild Science Leaf + Seed Smooth Start Bond Deconstruct Shampoo (RRP £6 for this 50ml deluxe mini, full size 300ml £16 - £24). This shampoo claims to advance hydration, shine and definition. I'm always excited to try new haircare products and see if they live up to whatever they claim on the label!

The next product I spotted was these Krumbled Foods Beauty Bites in the Triple Chocolate Chip Brownie flavour (RRP £2.29 for one bar). These are very interesting, as they contain collagen and claim to be a way to 'snack your way towards glowing skin'.

Next up is this Liquid Eyeshadow from dwtn paris (RRP £18) in. beautiful champagne colour. I like the idea of liquid eyeshadows, however, I usually find that they don't last for very long on my eyelids. I'm interested to try this one and see how long it lasts for!

Next up is this Sand + Sky Australian Emu Apple Super Bounce Mask (RRP £8.30 for this 12ml deluxe mini, £56 for the full size 100g). This is supposed to 'bring the bounce back' to your skin with this 'ultra-nourishing hydration mask'. As I've previously mentioned, I definitely need all the help I can get with nourishing and hydrating my skin at the moment!

And that's everything! Here are all of the products together:

Which product would you like to try from this month's box? If you've been thinking of signing up to Glossybox, you can use my code JEMMA to get £10 off your first box here!


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