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Glossybox Unboxing - May 2022


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Another month, another Glossybox unboxing! This month's theme is 'Perfectly Imperfect', and this box design is my favourite one yet! A reminder too that, as part of the Glossy Circle, I have an exclusive discount code for you to get £10 off your first box! If you were thinking of signing up for Glossybox, you can use my link here and my code JEMMA for £10 off your first box.

This month's box is all about self-love and being completely, unapologetically you! There's even a little mirror on the top inside of the box which is a cute touch.

So, the first thing I spotted were these super cute stickers! They're a really sweet addition to this 'self love' box and something a little bit different.

The first product is this Daily Concepts Daily Round Silicone Scrubber (RRP £16). This is designed to massage the skin as well as to buff in any scrubs, lotions etc. There's even a handy finger loop on the back to make it easier.

The second product I spotted were these Grace & Stella Collagen Collagen Boosting Eye Patches (RRP £3). These are supposed to 'firm and hydrate the under eyes'. This may be one to save for those late-night feeds!

Next up is the Mine Coffee Scrub (RRP £9.95). This is a full body scrub to use during the shower to smooth skin and target dry areas. I'm not sure how I feel about this one as I actually don't like coffee! Maybe I'll let B try this one...

The next product in the box was the Balance Me BHA Exfoliating Concentrate (RRP £10). This product claims to 'aid you in removing dead skin cells, battle blemishes and improve hydration'. Luckily, my skin has been really good during pregnancy (actually better than usual!), so I might wait until post-pregnancy to try this on my usual dry skin.

The last product was the Sophia + Marbelle Creamy Blush Stick (RRP £12) in the shade 'Blossoming'. This is the perfect shade for all skin tones and adds a natural, pink glow to the cheeks.

I think this theme was such a lovely one from Glossybox and possibly my favourite box that I've had so far! I love the theme of self-love and think this is a lovely reminder to take some time out to look after yourself. These products will definitely help me to relax and pamper myself before baby arrives!

Which product would you like to try from this month's box? If you've been thinking of signing up to Glossybox, you can use my code JEMMA to get £10 off your first box here!


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