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Glossybox Unboxing - September 2021

* Some of the links used in this post are affiliate links. This means that, if you purchase from my link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s a very small way to help me out! *

Another month, another Glossybox unboxing! The theme for September is 'Pure Relaxation' - the perfect addition to your self-care tool kit. As September means going back to school for me, I'm definitely in need of some relaxation and self-care!

As usual, there's a leaflet with a list of the products, their usual prices and instructions for use.

This month there was chocolate inside, which was a lovely touch and just what I needed!

So after the LINDT LINDOR chocolate, the first thing I spotted was the MORE IS MORE! EU DE PARFUM FOR HER from JUDITH LIEBER (RRP £9 for the Extra Treat 4.3ml, £115 for the 75ml full size). Inside are three mini perfumes that you can either wear alone or mixed together. The scents are 'More Gourmand!', 'More Zest!' and 'More Floral!' - my favourite was 'More Gourmand!', but they all smell incredible! I'm going to pop these in my bag for when I need a quick spritz.

Next is the CHEEK & LIP TINT from MCOBEAUTY (RRP £12 for this full size). The description says it 'perfectly blurs the lines between a dewy gloss and a pigmented stain', which I thought was quite interesting. Usually with a two-in-one cheek and lip product, there's always one that looks better! I'm interested to see if this looks equally as good as both a blush and lip tint, so we'll see.

The next product I spotted was the WONDER LOVE CLARITY SKIN PERFECTING SERUM DROPS from FIGS & ROUGE (RRP £42 for this full size), in the most beautiful packaging. This one actually stood out to me for its beautiful packaging, as sometimes I've found that the packaging in beauty subscription boxes can look quite cheap compared to if you were buying the products full price in shops. The description of the product says that it works to bring back your skin's natural clarity, unclogging pores and exfoliating the skin whilst clearing your complexion and getting rid of blemishes! Sounds too good to be true, so I can't wait to add this to my routine and see if it really does what it says on the tin/beautiful teal bottle!

Next up is a DUAL FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH from SPA TO YOU (RRP £16.49), which was handy as I actually needed a new one of these! I always use these facial brushes to wash my face, so it's always nice to have a fresh one. I've been tempted by Lumispa facial cleansing brushes before, but I just can't justify the price! Let me know if you've tried one and think it's worth it!

Next we have the ANTIBACTERIAL CLEANSING FOAM from SEBAMED (RRP £7.99 for this full size), which would be great to use with the facial cleansing brush! This one says it can be used on both wet or dry skin depending on personal preference, which I thought was interesting as usually you have to use these kind of products on wet skin. It says it helps to make skin smooth and hydrated, which as you'll know if you've read my A LAZY GIRL'S SKINCARE ROUTINE (FOR DRY, DEHYDRATED SKIN) post, I definitely need.

Last but not least, we have the perfect product for self-care - a face mask! This one is the PEARL SHEET MASK from VITAMASQUES (RRP £4.99 for this full size). All of the products in this month's box claim to do similar things - to brighten, clear and hydrate the skin - so I'm interested to see which ones have the most impact. I always love a sheet mask as they're less messy than typical face masks!

Final thoughts, I thought this month's box was great for the theme of 'Pure Relaxation', as these products will definitely help me to relax. I also thought this month's box was great value for money, as from what I worked out there was £92.47 worth of products here for just £13.25 a month (or £8.30 if you use the code I used - FUN25!) 5 out of the 6 products were also full size, which is really good considering this is a monthly subccription box.

Also just a reminder that if you use my referral link here, you'll actually get £5 off your first box/subscription. No pressure, just love sharing a bargain!

Have you tried any beauty subscription boxes? If you have, which is your favourite product/box you've ever received? If not, which of these products would you love to try? So many questions!

Now, I need to go and have a right good pamper sesh!


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