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Let People Enjoy Things

I was inspired to write this post and create this piece after seeing a tweet around Valentines Day. It was mocking people for being 'basic' - for posting photographs of and/or liking Starbucks coffee cups, Fiat 500s, nail photos, wearing Vans, even for liking Valentine's Day... and I came to the conclusion that I am 'basic'. And do you know what? Who cares? Why can't we just let people enjoy the things they want to enjoy?

As long as they're not hurting anyone or doing something illegal, what should it matter to us what someone enjoys? If it's not our thing, do we really need to be calling people out and calling them 'basic'?

Life can be really difficult and stressful, and those things that seem trivial or ridiculous or 'basic' to you might mean everything to that person. It could be the only positive thing in their life right now. You only live once - don’t waste your time pretending not to like things or hiding your passions to impress other people!

So yeah, those are my thoughts on that! Let me know what you think below.

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