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As the weather turns colder, the rain starts pouring, the days get darker... my self-care comes in the form of a nice, warm bath. And what good is a bath without bubbles, pretty colours and delicious scents?!

My go-to place for bath products has ALWAYS been Lush. Ever since I was little, my mum and auntie would always buy me Lush bath bombs for birthdays and Christmases. I would savour them, afraid of 'wasting' them and just sniff the packets for ages (what a weirdo! 😂) before finally daring to use them. Thus began a long-standing relationship with Lush!

As an adult moving into my own house, I bought a basket for my bathroom dedicated to my Lush bath bomb collection - stocking up whenever it was empty and still afraid of wasting them! My love affair doesn't just include bath bombs either... I use Sleepy lotion on my wrists whenever I'm struggling with my anxiety and/or struggling to sleep, I ALWAYS go out and buy the Snow Fairy shower gel as soon as it is released every year and we also have the Karma soap in our guest bathroom!

I love going into the shops to see the new products that they release every year - especially when Halloween and Christmas roll around! So on a recent trip to the Trafford Centre, I couldn't help but pop in and grab a few bits! So, without further ado, here's my Lush Halloween (and other bits!) haul:


DREAM CREAM is a lovely, soft hand and body lotion which helps to hydrate my dry skin in these colder months! It's a product I go back and purchase every year because I just love it.


This adorable GHOSTIE bath bomb was just too cute to leave! I loved the pops of blue, purple and pink and think they'll look amazing blended together once it fizzes in the bath. It smells very fresh and slightly lemony!


In the same white, blue, purple and pink style, TOBY'S MAGIC COW was B's choice of bath bomb. The story behind this product is also adorable - Lush designed and made this after a customer called Toby wrote a letter asking for a magic cow!


PUNKIN PUMPKIN is the ultimate Halloween bath bomb from Lush! I mean, it's a pumpkin! Scented with warm cinnamon leaf and pumpkin powder, it's perfect for those cold Autumn nights.


Another all-time favourite is SLEEPY body lotion. This one is great for anxiety/can't sleep nights, like I said in the beginning of this post - I just pop a little bit on my wrists, rub them together and lull off into a gentle sleep with the scent of lavender! It's such a comforting, relaxing scent and a product I will buy for years to come.

And that's it!

Are you as obsessed with Lush as I am?


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