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I've always believed in wishing for things. Maybe it's a form of manifesting, but I've always wished for things I wanted and things I have dreamed of happening. At the beginning of every new year, I make a vision board on Pinterest of all the things I want to happen that year, to remind me of my goals.

Last year, three of my wishes came true - we moved into our dream house, got engaged and got pregnant with our first baby!

So when Wolf & Zephyr contacted me and offered to send me a necklace of my choice in exchange for a review, I was immediately drawn to their wishbone necklace. It arrived in the most beautiful peach packaging and tied with a matching ribbon.

On their website, they describe the necklace as, "Our Wolf and Zephyr Wishbone Necklace embodies good luck, optimism and love. Over the last few centuries, this symbol has become universal in its meaning and the presence of this charm will bless its owner for the foreseeable future."

I chose mine on a 20-inch chain so that it would be slightly longer and I could layer it with other necklaces. It's the perfect balance of dainty whilst also being great quality and durable - something which will be especially important when my tiny baby arrives and starts grabbing at everything!

I haven't stopped wearing my wishbone necklace since it arrived, and every time I see it in a mirror it reminds me of all of my wishes that have come true, especially the tiny baby currently growing inside me! It also reminds me to keep wishing every day.

Wolf & Zephyr have a wide selection of necklaces and jewellery at all different price points and to suit all different people.

Let me know what you're currently wishing for!

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