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Social Media Confessions

Ahhhh, social media. We all love it and use it - sometimes it’s the first thing we check when we open our eyes and the last thing we check before going to sleep! This post was inspired by Sarah Lau Blogs (one of my favourite blogger/social media gals!) and one of her old posts called 'Blogger Confessions'

I thought it might be fun to share some of my (and other people's!) social media confessions - the things we do but don't always admit to!

My confessions

  • Most of my friends and family don't know about my blog, my Instagram, my YouTube channel... and I intend to keep it that way for as long as possible!

  • I don't really check my insights or analytics. To be honest, I'm not sure what I'm looking for/at or what it means!

  • SEO really confuses me. I've taken courses and listened to professionals, but I have no idea what it means or if I'm 'doing it right'.

  • When I post an outfit photo, 99.9% of the time it was taken on a different day and I'm probably wearing sweatpants and no makeup while posting.

  • Unlike a lot of other bloggers on social media, I have no shame in outfit repeating! If I like it, I'm wearing it as much as possible. I also don't want to contribute to fast fashion!

  • I hate the term influencer.

  • Sometimes we go to various different places just so that I can take photos.

  • I appear a lot more confident online than I am in real life! Which is sort of linked to the first confession... if anyone in my 'real life' tried to talk to me about my social media, I would cower in a corner, blushing!

  • Similarly to the last post, I might seem confident... but if I spot someone looking at me/making fun of me for taking photos, I will stop immediately and cringe inside.

  • I sometimes wish there was two of me so I could take photos of myself - my boyfriend doesn't always see the vision in my head!

  • Often, I'll post really positive captions or quotes when I'm actually feeling depressed or really anxious - usually to try and inspire myself.

Your confessions

  • One of my biggest social media confessions is the fact that on Twitter, I will remove followers I don’t want seeing my stuff. I do this by blocking then unblocking a follower, which quietly forces them to unfollow me. Then, they won’t be following and won’t see my content, but likely won’t come across my page to refollow for a while. - Jupiter from Life With Jupiter and Dan (

  • I secretly like then unlike my friend's posts that I don't really like so they get a notification I've liked it. Her boyfriend is horrible so I don't want to like photos with him in them! - Anon

  • I preach about natural beauty and self love but put a filter on all my stories! - @autumnart.designs

  • I stalk my exes on the reg. I like to know what they're doing, who they're with, where they are. - Anon

  • 1) I can't get on my stories without makeup and a filter! I try so many times but I can't do it! 2) I check on ex-friends and ex-people in my life once in a while when they cross my mind and pretty much stalk! - Lynn Mumbing Mejia

  • Occasionally delete my search history so no-one knows what I’ve searched… And no-one goes near my phone to see! - @garyeewong

  • I think I have a different character online than I do in real life! I’m not great at representing my true personality online, it’s hard to show what you’re really like. I think I’m more fun in real life! Just because I’m not the best at stringing sentences together doesn’t show the true me! Also when you film yourself etc, it’s hard to be true to yourself as you want to seem ‘profesh’ and reliable for clients. Also I swear more in real life! I’m kinda like mint chocolate chip with pistachio glaze in real life and my persona on Insta is like 99 flake. - Anon

  • I’m obsessed with watching videos of haircuts! - @pigoprints

And there we have it! I hope you related to some of these (or if not, you won't judge us for them.) Thank you so much to everybody who got involved and shared their confessions for this post! Let me know in the comments which ones sounded like you, or if you have any others to add to our list.


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