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For some reason, all of these songs make me feel really cosy and ready for Autumn. I love listening to dance and pop music in the summer, but I feel like Autumn is the time for indie, acoustic music. Here are the current top 8 songs on my Autumn playlist!

  1. SWEATER WEATHER, THE NEIGHBOURHOOD 'So let me hold, both your hands in the holes of my sweater'

  2. KNEE SOCKS, ARCTIC MONKEYS 'And I thought you might be mine, in a small world on an exceptionally rainy Tuesday night, in the right place and time'

  3. AUTUMN LEAVES, ED SHEERAN 'Float down like Autumn leaves, and hush now, close your eyes before the sleep'

  4. WHERE WE'RE GOING, GERRY CINNAMON 'I hope one day, love, you can open up your eyes and you will see, it's only destiny'

  5. AUGUST, TAYLOR SWIFT 'August slipped away like a bottle of wine, cause you were never mine'

  6. UNDERCOVER MARTYN, TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB 'And she spoke words that would melt in your hands, and she spoke words of wisdom'

  7. UNDO, THE 1975 'I didn't even see you when I liked you, now I ain't got no time'

  8. OCTOBER, BROKEN BELLS 'Ground your sense of worth, till the spark of morning burns'

What's on your Autumn playlist?


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