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Sneak Peek Early Gender DNA Test • AD

*AD - PR PRODUCT FROM SNEAK PEEK • All reviews, opinions and thoughts are my own. They do not reflect those of any brands or companies I am working with. Please see my disclaimer for more information.

Well, this is an exciting post! Since finding out I was pregnant, I was desperate to find out what we were having. Everyone who knows me knows that there is absolutely no way I'd be able to wait a whole 9 months to find out! Luckily, B feels exactly the same.

I honestly don't mind either way, as long as baby is happy and healthy, but we both still want to find out anyway! So when Sneak Peek got in touch and offered to send us one of their Early Gender DNA Tests, we both jumped at the chance to find out earlier than our 20 week scan.

The Sneak Peek Early Gender DNA Test is the only at-home early gender DNA test with results that are 99.9% accurate. It can actually be taken as early as 7 weeks into pregnancy! The test looks for male chromosomes in the mother's blood, as if there are male chromosomes, it means baby must be a boy. As you can see from the box, Sneak Peek recommend that there is to be no male contact with the kit so as to avoid contaminating the test leading to false results.

The inside of the box was very organised, with each piece of kit clearly labeled and placed inside sealed zip lock bags. There were three lancets, three alcohol wipes, a nail brush, a plaster, a sealed plastic test tube, a rubber band tourniquet and a very clear set of instructions.

The test is a simple finger prick blood test, which I was weirdly nervous about! I had to do a finger prick sample as part of the COVID antibody study, which took me so long to do as my brain wouldn't let me press the lancet hard enough! This time, I was nervous, but I was absent-mindedly pressing on the lancet on my finger until I eventually pressed hard enough to pierce the skin. It honestly didn't hurt at all, I'm just dramatic!

I then had to hold my hand downwards above the sample pot and squeeze until the blood reached the sample line. I then had to wipe the area and place a plaster over it before mixing the sample and popping it in the various pots and bags provided.

Then I quickly popped down to the post office with my pre-paid envelope and posted it off to the lab!

All in all, it probably only took around 20 minutes from start to finish, including reading the instructions. B and I are SO excited to find out our results, although I don't think we'll share the results online or with friends/family until we've had our 20 week scan.

Let me know your predictions below! Do you think Baby Maguire is a boy or a girl?

EDIT: For complete transparency, our Sneak Peek Early Gender DNA test ended up being wrong!

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