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5 Games You Need For Your Next Games Night

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Some of the links used in this post are affiliate links. This means that, if you purchase from my link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s a very small way to help me out!

I'm definitely more of a 'staying in' than a 'going out' person. But just because you're staying at home, it doesn't mean you can't have fun! I love a good games night, especially as we're coming up to the Autumn/Winter seasons - whether it's with friends, family or even just my partner - board and card games are guaranteed to make your cosy evenings much more enjoyable.

When I moved into my own house, I was determined to build up my board and card game collection. I think they're great to just whip out whenever friends and family are round for the evening, and we're now the preferred hosts for any family/friend game nights. As an ambassador for Big Potato Games, I am sometimes lucky enough to be sent their new board games to try, which means that my board game collection is now pretty impressive!

Because of this, I have my own discount code (BBJEMMA) which will get you 15% off any board games, card games or puzzles from Big Potato. With Christmas coming up soon enough, I thought it would be a good idea to share just 5 of my favourites. You may get some inspiration for gifts for others, or you may see a game that you just have to add to your collection!

Dino Dump

Starting off with one that is marketed for kids, but B and I love it - we actually took this one to hospital with us when I was going into labour to pass the time! Dino Dump is a card game which is a bit like Uno - there are power cards to sabotage your opponents and you can play combinations of cards to get rid of them quicker. The aim of the game is to get rid of all of your cards first, with the loser ending up in the poo!

Herd Mentality

Herd mentality is all about being part of the group rather than standing out as the 'odd one out'! One player asks a question (which is opinion-based, rather than requiring a 'correct' answer). Each player then writes down their answer, hoping to be in line with the group. Once all of the answers have been read out, the person who is the odd one out is given a pink plastic cow, meaning that they have been ostracised from the group. They are not allowed to score any points until someone else is the odd one out! For example, if the question was, 'What is the best pizza topping?', the loser would be the one person who chooses pineapple rather than pepperoni. The discussions that you can have based on each other's answers are often hilarious, making this a great game for games nights!

The Chameleon

Each player chooses a card, one of which is 'the chameleon'. The rest of the players are given a secret word based on a topic (e.g. Greece could be a word for the topic Destinations), which they have to describe. The job of the chameleon is to blend in by pretending they know the secret word and successfully describing it to the rest of the group. Each player then guesses who the chameleon was. This one is particularly good if your fellow players are good at holding a poker face!

P Is For Pizza

P Is For Pizza is a great little game that doesn't require much set up, meaning it would even be perfect to take on holidays or days out. Each player has cards with three letters on, which they have to connect to the categories on the pizza cards by giving a related word that starts with that letter. For example, if the category is Italian food and you have a letter P on your card, you could call out "Pasta!" If you are successful, you keep the pizza card. The winner is the first player to collect 9 cards and build their giant pizza slice!


Snakesss is a bit similar to The Chameleon game above, in that one player has a secret hidden identity. In this game, one player is 'the snake', whose role is to successfully trick the other players into selecting the wrong answer to a multiple-choice question. If players get the answer right, they score a point. If a player gets the answer wrong (and is tricked by the snake), then they don't score a point, but the snake does!

Use my code BBJEMMA to get 15% off all games and puzzles at! Get organised for Christmas (yes, I said it!) or treat yourself to a new game for your next games night.

Are you a board game lover? Let me know your favourite board game in the comments below, or let me know which one of these you'd love to play.


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