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Things To Do On A Rainy Autumn Day

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I used to HATE rainy days. I used to be frustrated that I couldn't go out without getting freezing cold and feel bored/trapped inside. I almost felt like rainy days were wasted days! But now I use rainy days as an excuse to take some time for myself, to do things I don't make time for and to catch up with jobs, so here's a list of my favourite rainy day activities:

Have a Netflix/Disney+/Now TV/Amazon Prime Video binge

Is there anything better than a TV binge?! Especially a guilt-free one... 😉

Colour in

I LOVE adult colouring books! And by adult, I don't mean... ya know, adult!😳 I mean ones designed for adults! My favourite ones are these ones by Johanna Basford.

Have a pamper

A rainy day is the PERFECT excuse to give yourself a well-needed pamper! I'm thinking bubble bath, face mask, hair mask, painting your nails... the full works.

Play a few board games

If you know me at all, you'll know I LOVE board games and have a pretty big collection! And as a brand ambassador for Big Potato Games, a lot of the ones I have are from them, such as the Mean Girls Party Game, Herd Mentality and Colour Brain. Use the code JEMMA20 for 20% off all games on the Big Potato Games website!

Redecorate your house

This could be as simple as switching out the prints around your house or you could even go wild with some paint!


Another cosy rainy day activity is reading! Reading is something that I want to take more time to do as I used to read so much as a child. I just have so many other hobbies now that reading has taken a little bit of a backseat.

Bake and/or cook something delicious

Again, if you know me at all, you know I'm terrible at baking! I actually once tried to make fluffy pancakes for Pancake Day and somehow ended up making omelettes... 🙈 But if you're not me, you might want to use a rainy day to bake something delicious.

Catch up with odd jobs

Rainy days are also perfect to catch up with those odd jobs you've had on your list for ages but just have never gotten around to. Whether it's putting up prints, catching up on the mountains of laundry or sorting out your finances (eek!), now's your chance.


Following on from the last item, something I tend to do on rainy days is declutter! I choose an area in my house and go through each item one by one.

Plan your social media content

If you're a blogger, small business or just a lover of social media, why not spend some time planning your content? Plan out your feed, take lots of photographs, batch content, write blog posts, film TikToks/Reels... it takes a lot of time!

Order a takeaway

If you can't be bothered cooking and/or going out to grab food, then why not order your favourite takeaway and have a night in?

Deep clean the entire house

Deep cleaning your house can make you feel so much better! Tidy house, tidy mind. It's a great way to use a rainy day to your advantage!

Have a nap

Or, if you don't want to be productive, have a nap instead! 😉

Get crafty

Take some time to create something! Use the time to draw, sew, paint... the choice is yours!

Listen to the rain

And the final idea for a rainy day is to just sit inside and listen to the rain fall. It's so relaxing and cosy - especially when you're inside and not stuck outside in it!

What's your favourite rainy day activity?


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