* This is not an ad - I pay for this myself - and Emily has not asked me to share this! I thought it would be fun and a great way to support my friend by sharing her work to a different audience. *

During lockdown, I discovered an amazing illustrator called Emily Harvey (Emily Harvey Art). At the time, she had designed a beautiful Disney Minnie ears print, which I found though Brogan Tate (a content creator I’ve followed for years). I found Emily’s Instagram, website, Etsy shop and her YouTube channel and began binge-watching her vlogs. I quickly became obsessed with her (we are actually friends now, so recounting this makes me sound like a proper weirdo!) and spent a small fortune on her beautiful products in her Etsy shop.

I then joined her Patreon page, which is a platform where you can support your favourite artists and creators by pledging each month to receive perks and rewards. On Emily’s Patreon, she shares exclusive behind the scenes content, monthly Zoom calls on topics (such as building your Instagram following) and lots of other exciting things!

Because I am part of Emily’s top tier on Patreon, this means I receive a goodie box every other month full of illustrated bits and pieces. I thought it would be fun to unbox these on here to showcase Emily’s work and to share my thoughts on what’s inside each box!

This month’s theme was the Wizard of Oz - a film that is very nostalgic for me and reminds me of my childhood. This box was packed with lots of goodies and I was too excited, so unfortunately I don’t have a photo of what it looked like when it arrived as I was too eager to rip it open! Apologies - I’ll try to exercise more self-control next time.

The contents of my August Patreon Box - an illustrated A5 print, 3 postcards, a badge, a bookmark, a glittery red vinyl sticker and a keychain.

The first thing I spotted was this cute little badge, which will be going straight on my lanyard for work. I love badges but find them hard to display, as they’re not as easy to just pin up like enamel pins. That’s why my work lanyard is covered in them!

Next is this beautiful glossy vinyl sticker with red glitter - “There’s no place like home”. The red glitter effect of the sticker is perfect for Dorothy’s ruby red slippers!

We then have a bookmark, which is always handy to have! After reading the quote, I then had the song stuck in my head for the rest of the day (thanks Em!)

Then I found three postcards - each one as beautifully illustrated as the next. We have Dorothy in half sepia tone, half colour (which I thought was a very clever way to show the transition from the film!), Glinda the Good Witch/the Wicked Witch of the West on either side of one postcard and then a sketched postcard of some of the elements of the story, such as the field of poppies and the yellow brick road. Emily’s illustrations are so beautiful and character design is her thing, so I loved seeing various characters in the postcards.

Next there is this gorgeous A5 print of all of the main characters - including a cute Toto! There is also lots of attention to detail in the background, such as the field of poppies, the Emerald City, the yellow brick road and, of course, the rainbow. This will be a perfect addition to my classroom wall, which is where I display all of my prints from Emily!

In each Patreon box, Emily tries to support another maker by asking them to contribute something to the box. This month, the maker was Ellen from Sew & Inspire - who is just 14 years old! Ellen created these beautiful Dorothy-inspired keychains with blue gingham and red stitching, which complimented Emily’s artwork perfectly.

I really loved this month’s box - I think it might be my favourite one I’ve ever received! Please check out Emily and Ellen and their amazing work - I’ve linked them in this post.

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