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What's On My New Home Wishlist?

* Some of the links used in this post are affiliate links. This means that, if you purchase from my link, I may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. It’s a very small way to help me out! *

As you may/may not know, I've recently moved house! My boyfriend B and I have bought a house together, and now that all of the important (read: boring) stuff has been paid for, like the carpets, tiles/tiling, the fridge etc, we can start looking at exciting things!

I thought I'd make a 'new home wishlist' of some things I've spotted whilst online shopping on (who are killing it with their home decor right now!), to give you some insight into the kind of vibes we're going for, to maybe inspire you to spruce up your home with some new bits and to share some BEAUTIFUL home decor with you.

This natural bath mat is beautiful and makes me think of a spa! We already have a bath mat from Urban Outfitters for our main bathroom (it's this one), so I think I might get something like this for our en suite bathroom. Link here:

These are so pretty! The colour is beautiful and I love the little tray they sit on. I think this would look lovely on a shelf above the sink. Link here:

I really like this for storage in the bathroom! I would style this with towels, some plants, maybe even a bowl for bath bombs. I think natural wood in a bathroom looks really nice and reminds me of being in a spa. Link here:

I really like the shape and style of this clock! I really want something like this in our kitchen, maybe in the space next to the fridge. Link here:

I like laundry baskets that have separators for darks and lights - it makes doing the worst chore easier! I like the style of this one, although I would have liked it to have had a lid or something covering the top of it. Link here:

This is definitely a 'wish' item, as I think £89 is very expensive for a towel rail! I liked the simplicity of this, and I think the matte black can really stand out and make a nice feature. I also liked the shelf on top as this could be styled nicely with some fancy bottles and plants. Link here:

I reallllllly like this shelf! I think this is what I would have in a bathroom, above the sink with the pink bathroom storage set on top. On reflection, it looks a little bit like a skateboard, but a classy skateboard! Link here:

I have been looking for one of these for ages but could never find one in the right shade! These look lovely styled in the kitchen propped up against the wall and as a way to serve food. I wouldn't want to chop things on here in case I scratched it! Link here:

This is the sofa bed of dreams! The colour is beautiful and it just looks so soft and beautiful. I really like the natural wooden legs too. This folds out into a double bed - perfect for guests! I actually think I'd give up my bed for them and sleep on this. Link here:

I really like this mirror. B doesn't, he said "Do we live in a church?" *eye roll* I think it's really simple and would look amazing leaning against a wall. I would style this in the living room or on the landing with a vase of pampas grass next to it. Imagine taking OOTD photos in this! Link here:

And there we have it! Those are my current favourite items I'm lusting over on Did anything catch your eye? Anything you think I definitely need to snap up? Let me know!


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