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Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree...

IT'S UP! As we recently moved into our new house (hence the no blinds, which will be put sorted soon!), it was time to finally buy a new tree. And if you're gonna buy a new tree, you need at least a few new decorations, right?

Our new tree is the 7ft Forest Pine from Next, and the wicker tree skirt is also from Next. I've wanted a tree skirt like this for years, so I'm so glad we finally managed to find one! It looks so much nicer than having the little green metal legs on show.

All of the gold/champagne and copper Mickey decorations are ones that we've had for around 5 years. Most of the gold/champagne ones were from B&M, Asda and The Range. This year, I decided to add pink! It took a little while to convince B to 'see my vision', but he loves it now. The pink baubles were all from B&M (who have had the best decorations by far this year!), as were the little gold clip in feathers you may be able to see.

I always put my tree up at the end of November - it gives me more time to enjoy it and the house just looks so much better and more cosy! Is your tree up yet?

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Hannah J
Hannah J
Nov 30, 2021

Wow! What a full tree - lovely! With us being on our adventure we're limited with Christmas decorations so once we move to our new apartment over the next few days (yay!) we're going to get onto it. Husband says that the first thing going up is the Christmas tree - because it's one of the few sources of light we will have to begin with (why there aren't light fixtures I don't entirely know but he says it's normal....RIGHT?). Anyway, under cupboard lights in the kitchen area and the Christmas tree in another corner - it should be super hygge! Bring on Christmas yay! (Also I'm going sort of old skool and making paper decorations like paper chains and…

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