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Taking Time Away From Social Media

Before Christmas and New Year, I'd planned to step away from my phone and laptop and enjoy the holiday season with my family. After a turbulent 2 (3? Who knows anymore?) years of Covid changing any plans that we'd made, I wanted to be able to enjoy spending time with my friends and family, generally feeling festive. Catching Covid just before finishing work for Christmas wasn't ideal, and whilst I wasn't extremely poorly, it still knocked me off my feet. I spent a lot of days on the sofa binge-watching series, not creating content, and trying to avoid social media so I didn't get FOMO from seeing everyone else making memories with their loved ones.

Although I missed sharing and being creative, it was nice not to worry about being present, taking photos, editing photos, researching hashtags, optimising blog posts for SEO, checking daily how many followers I'd gained/lost... and it made me realise that I need to take it easy once in a while! It's the first time in ages since starting my Instagram page that I've really taken time away and stepped back. It's made me re-evaluate what I share, what I want to create, and what's really important in life! It's ridiculous how much of a hold social media can have on us these days and how much it consumed my thoughts.

Something else I've neglected over the past few weeks was my blog. I'd gotten into a great routine when I first started, but with taking a break from social media, I'd also stopped writing and creating content on here too. And whilst it's been beneficial, I've really missed the creative outlet of writing.

So that brings us up to date! I'm slowly coming back, both on here and on Instagram. I've been dealing with a lot of stuff behind the scenes in my absence, which I will hopefully share and talk about soon.

I've decided this year to take everything less seriously. Rather than forcing myself to create content and write blog posts, I'm just going to share whatever I feel like sharing whenever I feel like sharing it. I'm also going to stop worrying about needing to have a 'niche'! Not everyone needs to fit into one certain box, whether it's beauty, lifestyle, art, sports... we're all just human at the end of the day, with different hobbies, passions and interests. So why not share every aspect of my personality?

I really hope you'll stick around as I try and find my place online! Let me know if you have any social media-related goals this year - are you trying to grow your following? Or are you trying to take it easier like I am?


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